MTGSpeculation is a place to further the Magic the Gathering trading card game experience!

Our goal is to provide a different view point for the Magic the Gathering community through our informative, speculative, and opinionated blogs!  As well as providing new innovative ideas, and content to improve the overall Magic the Gathering experience.

We also are here to help provide an insight into what your Puca Points are worth in your local dollars today.  As a global community it is important for us to know what the value we have today is.  Feel free to mosey on over to our PucaTrade Point Rates page and take a look!  We also feature a page showing recent trades we have completed with players from all over.  Pucatrade has been an extremely rewarding experience, and we encourage you to try it out if you love the trading aspect of Magic.


The collaborative site MTGSpeculation was brought to life by a team of long term friends, striving to bring new views, thoughts, insights, and game play to the Magic the Gathering community.  A group of friends who wanted to turn their hobby into a little something more, and give back to a community that has been very rewarding to them.

MTGSpeculation’s roots are grounded in the local gaming scene of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.  We are very active players, and are mostly fond of MTG Limited play. However, the team has participated in many Grand Prix events around the country.  Each of those experiences have helped us craft lasting memories with a game we love.

We are always open to feedback and suggestions.  If you have any please feel free to email us.  We continually strive to enhance our users experience.

If you would also like to contribute to the site please email us, and we will follow up! We love promoting peoples ideas, and work.