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Game Day Full of Wealth

Villainous Wealth

Two weeks ago I was able to participate in my local game shop’s (LGS) game day on Saturday.  I was able to sneak away for a few hours to test out my current standard deck I had thrown together about 20 minutes before the event.  It was a deconstruction of my primarily Theros block deck, and rotating in my Khans of Tarkir block cards.  For the record I do not play standard often, but when I do I make stuff happen.

My deck originally was G/W/B/U, and a freaking grind.  The previous game day I had a round that only lasted one match! Half my deck was planeswalkers.  I had missed the top eight on a misplay of mana tapping (Noob move).  An unfortunate learning pain, which I have since learned to slow down on my turn.  One of the cards that I really enjoy playing that most people don’t know what to do with is Villainous Wealth, so I obviously kept this card in for last weekend.  Like I said, I make stuff happen.

Going into my first round last weekend, I was extremely nervous.  Like I said I don’t play a lot of standard, but still want to have a unique competitive home brew. The first round was rather interesting, and as it turned out seemed to be a theme for the night.  The rounds were rather slow, I was like where the eff are the burn decks?  I thought I wouldn’t be able to play anything on the ground without it getting roasted!

After getting a few land drops out I realized this first round was rather slow, and I knew my deck would be able to keep up.  The first round player was Ojutai Control splashing Black for Crux of Fate and Dragonlord Silumgar.  Well, the deck I had put together was a U/B/G control/mirror deck.  I must say I love Clever Impersonator.  This card made my day several times.  My plan was to be general enough to play around all decks and still have fun.  I surprisingly ended up crushing him 2-0.  My favorite part of the game was that I played Villainous Wealth for eight!!! It was hilarious and they were like seriously.  Playing my opponent’s own Dig Through Times, Dragonlord Ojutais, and planeswalkers against him pretty much made him cry.  It was quite a round of fun counter magic, and one I will remember for the lasting impact it made on me.

Now, the other three rounds that day did not go so hot.  Pretty much all the rest of the rounds I went 1-2.  I played against a Temur Combo, which I should have beat except I made several misplays (More Noob Moves).  I played a U/R burn control deck, and one other.  Overall it was a great experience, and I was glad I was able to participate.  I really wish I could have got one of those Thunderbreak Regent cards.

What I learned to look out for from a card perspective to add to any collection or pick up for the U/B control decks are definitely Dragonlord Silumgar’s, Clever Impersonators, and for the offbeat fun wins Villainous Wealth cards.  I believe as the control player’s shift they will lean towards the U/B control for current standard play.